Simpler Bakery Style

Bakery Reduction

September 26, 2014

We are cutting back on the types of baked goods we offer for sale. We often add new products to our bakery display. But we rarely get rid of old products when a new one comes along.  A review of a May 8, 2014 bake showed that we baked 17 breads, 24 croissant/danish, 26  muffins, tops, cupcakes, coffee cakes, and corn cakes, 10 holiday bread flavors, 10 bagels, 18 cookies, mini cookies, scones, and  brownie bites. That was a total of 105 different items baked each night. We studied how much of each product we sell to determine which products don’t sell enough to continue to sell them. Some products may sell only one or two per day. Some days we don’t sell any of them.  Do the math. We end up giving away more leftover product than we actually sell.  That’s a business scenario where we lose money each week on low selling products.

We have already cut some of those products out. Over the next few weeks we will eliminate more low selling items from the bakery. This will reduce the number of bakery items we throw away at the end of the day and reduce the number of types of products we make each day. This will save us time and the cost of unsold ingredients. It will also save lots of time baking and finishing products.  Here is a list of items we will keep and the products we plan to quit selling:

Core Products we continue to sell
Products we will no longer sell
Bagels: Asiago cheese, plain, wheat, everything, sesame, cinnamon raisin,whole grain Apple spice, cinnamon crisp, and poppy seed
Cookies: Chocolate chunk, chocolate toffee, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, shortbread Heath toffee, oatmeal cinnamon, oatmeal cranberry, white chocolate macadamia nut
Croissant and pastries: Apple, cheese, chocolate, strawberry, plain butter croissant, mini fruit croissant, cinnamon roll, pecan roll, Pear& brie, Lingonberry, almond, raspberry cheese, bear claw, danish
Muffins & cakes: Bananna walnut, blueberry, chocolate chunk, pumpkin, cranberry orange, boston cream and raspberry coffee cake, bread pudding Caramel apple, mocha, french toast, low fat pumpkin, bran raisin, muffin tops. cinnamon & nutella coffee cake, corn loaves, scones, mini cheese croissant
BREADS: Sourdough, french, rye, honey wheat, nine grain, asiago focaccia, tomato onion focaccia, baguette, cinnamon raisin Pumpernickle, medirterranean focacci, asiago sourdough, Plain focaccia sliced loaf.


Why did we quit selling their favorite?  – We sold so few of those items that we often gave more away to charity at the end of the night than we sold

Will we bring some of them back?  – Some items may occasionally be back on a limited time basis.

When customers ask for an item we no longer sell, it is important to suggest another choice. Try offering another item with that flavor, or another item with a similar texture, Or ask what other items have you tried ?