Shift Forward

You’ve heard the expression “Pay it Forward”? Instead of paying it back when someone does something for you, you pay it forward to someone who has not done something for you.  It is not only a kindness to others, but a demonstration of good character, generosity, and a sense of responsibility to help others. It is a way of making the world a better place to live.

I want to to help our cafe team members become good citizens and people of character. It starts at home! In this case home is our own Atlanta Bread Bakery Cafe. Many of us not only work together, but also spend time away from work with each other. I’d like for us to begin thinking about each other at the cafe as our family and our community. When it comes to paying it forward to make the world a better place, we will “Shift it Forward“. Each shift will think about the condition they are leaving the cafe in for the next shift. When we end our shift we will leave the cafe in good shape for the next shift. Not only will we leave the cafe stocked, clean, straightened up and ready to serve customers, we will also anticipate what the next shift may need and do a little extra for them.  That’s what we will call Shifting it Forward”.  Give me a hand on this.

Over the next few weeks we will train people on every shift to prepare ingredients, bake, and figure out what needs to be done for the current shift to succeed with customers and for the next shift to get off to a great start – because you helped them out.  When I was a kid, I went camping with my dad. He used to tell me, “the camp site should always look better when you leave than it did when you arrived.”   That’s a good way to look at this.   If we all think about how do I make the cafe better than when I came in, we will be amazed at how great our jobs and our cafe can become.


Our customer loyalty program is in place and we will begin training everyone on how to use it.  It is very simple.  Customers join by going to  and providing their email address and their telephone number.  The telephone number will be used as their loyalty number.  When the customer orders, they will give you their loyalty number for you to enter on the cash register.  When the customer earns 100 points, they get $7 off of a purchase.  Their points are tracked on a receipt each time they purchase.

We will start training Thursday and start promoting the program next week.