Plate It Up!

Atlanta Bread is switching to a new style of plates.  Due to the high cost of changing out all of the plates at once, we will change over in two phases.  The first phase will introduce a new square soup bowl and a new style bowl for half salads.  For this phase we will continue to use the large salad bowls we use today and the large sandwich plates we use today. We will also continue to use the half plates for sandwiches in a half and half combo. In a few months we will implement the rest of the changeover.

ABC_Huntsville_-_Dishware_QUOTE 01232014_Image_2

The new half salad slanted bowl will be used for all half salads and fruit salads. It will be accompanied by a small round plate with bread just as we do today.  A  larger version of this bowl will be put in use in a few months for full salads.  Until then continue to use the big round bowls we have always used.

ABC_Huntsville_-_Dishware_QUOTE 01232014_Image_1The new soup bowl is much deeper than our current bowl and is square.  It takes up less space on the tray. It also holds a little more than the old bowl, so make sure you only put a full ladle of soup in the bowl.  Because it is deeper and narrower, it may appear to be less soup, so don’t fall for the temptation to over portion.  Guests may also ask about portion size.  Assure them that we have not cut back on the amount of soup we serve in a bowl.

The small wavy bowl we use for sides and dressing is also part of the new dishware scheme.  We will phase out the small round bowls and only use the small wavy bowl. 

We start phase 1 on Saturday.  Your manager will show you what is new.