Summer is here

1.2 Kids Meal June 2014 ATL BRD

Remember all of those days back in January and February when we were saying,”When is it ever going to be warn again”? Well it’s here. This is it! Temperatures are in the 90’s. Families are on vacation. School is out.  I remember when my children were younger, wanting to take the whole gang out to lunch after swim class  – friends and all. But going out to eat after the pool or movies wasn’t really an option.  It was just too expensive to take everyone out to eat.

We want to help people be able to take the kids to lunch.  So for the remainder of June (and probably July and August) we are selling traditional kids meals for only $2 each – better than half price. One mom can bring in a busload of kids and we will let her buy $2 kids meals for all of them that are 12 and under. The deal only includes items shown on the kids meal menu – grilled cheese, pb&j, or half turkey, ham, roast beef, tuna, chicken salad, or veggie sandwich (the ones under the menu that says just “sandwiches”.  Soup or any other item will be charged the full price for the adult version of that item and can be upgraded to kids meal for 99c.

1.1 Cold Drink 99cent June 2014Add a 20oz cold drink to a meal for only 99 cents: It’s hot and we want customers to try our new Coca Cola Freestyle and Mighty Leaf iced teas. We are offering a 20 oz (regular) green cup cold drink for 99c with the purchase of a meal. Meals may be any item over $3. Soup, Breakfast sandwich, half salad… all qualify as a meal.  A bagel with cream cheese does not.  I’ve found it easiest to read back the person’s meal order, describe that it comes with chips and add “you can add a cold drink to your meal for 99c in June”.  This offer only applies to the 20 oz green cup to be used at the beverage center for Coca Cola products or iced tea.  Nothing else is included.

1.3 Free Coffee Friday June 2014 ATL BRDFREE COFFEE FRIDAY: We are starting up free coffee Fridays. We will probably continue this for a while.  The rules are: Give them a small coffee cup if they ask for a free coffee.  If they ask for a different size, give them that size coffee for free as well.  DO NOT OFFER TALL OR GRANDE COFFEE UNLESS THEY BRING IT UP. Throughout the week you can invite  customers that buy coffee to come back on Free Coffee Friday.  This includes only brewed coffee in the coffee urns or iced coffee.  Customers must pay for adding flavors in iced coffee  or regular coffee.

CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTEST: So far on the Guest service customer survey contest we are in first place for cleanliness, 3rd place for Speed of service and sixth place in taste of food.  There is a contest among all Atlanta Breads every quarter in certain guest satisfaction categories.  Prize money is awarded to the winners  which we distribute to employees.  We need more customers filling our surveys in order to win.  Great job so far on cleanliness.  Let’s continue to focus on the dining room and restrooms.  We need to stay aware of ticket times and the quality, temperature, appearance of food to improve in the taste category.

EMPLOYEE MEALS: Just a reminder about employee meals. You can use your ICARE bucks to pay for your meal.  You still get 50% (up to $4) off your meal.  Remember you must: (1) get approval from manager (breaks cannot be taken when we are busy ); (2) make sure the dining room is cleared of dirty dishes; (3) clock out; (4) order your meal from a cashier and have a manager apply your discount and ICARE dollars; (5) Wait on you meal to be made by the on the clock crew. Hourly employees are not to make their own meal.  If you want to super size your food, you need to pay for it; (6) Unless you have been dismissed for the day you should remain at the cafe while you eat, in case we get an unexpected rush before your break is over and we need you to get back on the clock and help.  (7) You may bring food from home. Food from any other restaurant must have competitors logo packaging out of site. We don’t want customers to think that we don’t like our own food. (8) Take care of restroom break before clocking back in and bus your own table.

Stay cool this summer!