Prepare for the holidays

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 Holiday products are here. 

Although it is early we are gearing up for the holidays.  Here is a rundown on a few special items you need to know about.

New packaging Over the next few weeks we will start using two new boxes in the bakery. These boxes have a clear window in the top so product can be seen inside.  One box is the same size as our current box, except an inch shorter.  The other box is the size of a catering lunch box for smaller quantities of baked goods.  We will eventually use this box for catering as well.  We want to make sure that items placed in boxes or bags are properly packaged to be in good shape when the customer gets them home or to the office.  Many times during the holidays, people will give these as gifts, so it needs to look good.  We will go over some methods for keeping product looking good in packages.

Holiday gifts As we get closer to Christmas we will sell more and more holiday breads, including cinnamon raisin and white chocolate) and baskets that will be given as gifts. These products must look great for someone to give it as a gift.

 Holiday breads are  packaged in a very specific way so they look good and are ready to be merchandised on the counters.  There is a new write up in the bakery describing holiday bread packaging. These breads are packaged so they can be kept on our shelf for two days.  We use a dot system to keep track of the day these are made. These are not included in the end of night charity boxes.  DO NOT THROW THESE OUT AT THE END OF THE DAY.  Any bread in the bakery can be packaged to order as a gift.  Holiday breads are the only breads pre-packaged.

Baskets are a gift often given by businesses.  Display baskets are not to be sold. Display SONY DSCbaskets will be marked on the back of the basket – NOT FOR SALE.  Most baskets are pre-ordered, although we will make some up on demand whenever possible.  Gift baskets need to be given the day they are made, because the product inside is made fresh that day. If a customer asks to place an order for some future time for any breads, baskets or any other baked goods, you should get a manager or one of the employees who are authorized to take advance orders.  When someone orders product, we must make sure we will be able to fill it and make sure we have it when they come pick it up.  If you take an advance order without following our advanced order procedures, we may end up disappointing our customer.  We don’t want to do that.