Patio Upgrade

Cool new patio: Over the next couple of weeks we will upgrade our patio area.  The dirt and grass area at our northwest corner will be leveled and concrete poured for this area to have a walkway from the parking lot and an expanded patio area.  Once the patio is poured we will install railing around this area and a portion of the side area to define the patio.  All tables and chairs need to stay in these areas.

This will improve our visibility from the street.  It is very important that we keep the patio areas cleared of dishes and trash.  Keep your eye open for customers leaving from the patio or finishing their meal.  We want pre-bus this area as soon as possible, so that as potential customers drive by they will see an appealing and inviting area.

 Gourmet Grilled Cheese The Gourmet Grilled Cheese we added to the menu earlier this year is having a makeover.  This sandwich has an awesome taste profile, but it did not look so gourmet.  Beginning this week we make this gooey, tasty creation on our focaccia bread, the same bread we use for panini.  The focaccia looks better and provides a more complete bite to accompany the gourmet filling.

Holiday Bread This time of year is when we keep fresh baked holiday breads on the counter. Our customers really love these breads during the holidays. They are great gifts for neighbors and coworkers at the office. They are nice to have when visitors come to town or to take to the office for a treat for everyone.  We need a few employees to be trained on making these throughout the day.  Let us know if you want to learn to bake these flavorful breads.

The schedule for October 28th is posted at